New customer: HW installed 499 € plus service 9,90 €/month

Heating costs down

Why to keep normal temperatures while you are not at home? Instead, tell our system when you are at work, traveling or at sleep. It takes care of temperature and uses electricity when it is cheapest. You use less and with lower price. In euros you save about 20 %.

More comfort

We think living should be easy. With technology serving you, not vice versa. That is why our device makes sure your home is always at right temperature. By taking into account your expectations, home characteristics and weather forecast. If you also let it cool your home at night, you even sleep better.

For once an easy climate action

Lower your CO2 footprint without even noticing it. By learning your heating patterns and the cooling of your house, the system shifts your electricity consumption by a couple of hours. You contribute in minimizing power demand peaks of Finland. Avoiding use of fossil reserve power plants. And the climate thanks.

This is home and office smart heating

Operates automatically

Your home heating is connected with your broadband internet access to our cloud service. It optimizes your heating with respect to electricity spot price and weather forecast. Your home is heated only when needed. And electricity is used when the hourly prices are cheapest. You do not have to do anything.

Used with smart phone

Set your living pattern once to the system. You can then adjust your plans wherever with your smart phone or tablet. For example, when you want your summer house to be warm when you go there. Or when you expect a big sauna party and will need unusual amount of hot shower water.

For homes and offices

The system lends itself to electrically heated detached, semi-detached, row and summer houses, as well as small offices. Both new and old. Usually it is used to control direct or waterborne underfloor electrical heating. The hot water tank is also always connected to the system.

Installed in two hours

Two devices are installed in your home, out of sight in your electrical center. Usually also a third, measuring your home temperature. It is wireless, so time consuming and visible wires are not needed. A professional technician installs and configures the system in a couple of hours.

Product packages

Tell us your heating system and we tell you what product suits you. Most usual ones are There Direct and There Waterborne. With additional devices you can easily connect to them e.g. air-to-air heat pump, PV system or EV charging.

Frequently asked

We have thousands of satisfied customers, with whom we have developed our system already for 10 years. Their most common questions have been compiled to these pages. See if you can find the answer to your question. We are glad to help you. .

Easy to use

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  • Give the temperature you want in three living situations: when you are at home, away or at sleep.
    The home is divided into heating zones, as many as you want. Usually there are as many zones as there are floors, or wings in an L- or U-shaped building. Desired temperatures are given for each zone and situation. The idea is to somewhat lower temperature when you are at sleep or not at home.
  • Tell when you are normally at home, away and at sleep. And easily modify these if needed.
    Clock display allows you to set the living situation for each hour of each day of the week. For example, during working days or weekends the home can in many cases be empty. And you may want to lower temperature when you sleep. The user interface has also a display to define longer holidays.
  • Curves show your home temperature and electricity consumption.
    The system stores actual home temperatures, thus comparing what you wanted and the actual heating. You also see your power consumption history, from which you can learn to save other than heating electricity. That is already optimized by the system.
  • Technician configures your house, heating system and the equipment you purchased from us.
    This is needed only when the system is installed. But it is likewise used when the system is expanded with new equipment. This happens when you want to connect for example air-to-air heat pump, EV charging, leak detector or motion sensor to the system.

From our customers

  • I bought the system to our office as I am already used to it at home. It works just as well at work.
  • Our house is built in the 1950s and used to need quite a lot of heating. We have saved a pretty penny by lowering temperatures when we are at work and in school. We also like to sleep in a cool bedroom.
  • We keep our summer house normally at a lower temperature. I tell beforehand with my phone that we are going there, and the system restores the temperature by the time we arrive. I also see from the temperature that doors and windows are closed and that we have not had any unwanted visitors.
  • There system was installed to our detached house in 2012. I have never had a reason to call the seller. There has not been a single problem with the system.
  • I never learned to operate my air-to-air heat pump. Sometimes the radiators were burning hot, while the heat pump was trying to cool the house. Now the remote control is lost somewhere, because it is no longer needed.
  • We live in a row house and bought There equipment in 2014. After we praised it to a couple of neighbors, they also bought the system.
  • Our house from the 1970s has two floors. Both floors have one temperature sensor, and the system works just fine.

Why to buy from us?

  • We are a forerunner in home digitalization, after doing smart heating already for 10 years. Optimization algorithms are not developed in a minute. Several tens of person-years have been invested in them.

    There is a wholly Finnish company, but an international forerunner. Our roots are in Nokia Smart Home venture, from which our company was divested in 2009. In ten years, we have developed a competence that both you and Finland can now benefit.

  • Our product is the most inexpensive on the market because it comprises just a few devices and is fast to install. You get it completely installed in your home with a couple of hundred euros.

    We have launched this year a new product family, already the third to us. It uses commercially available standard components, so that the total price can be kept reasonable. We have already learned that the price shall not be even close to 1 000 euros. Nor does it any longer have to be.

  • We have thousands of customers in five countries. And since we know that they are satisfied, we are now giving our equipment a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

    Oldest systems we have delivered are soon 10 years old. We have tested in them many technical alternatives and overcome numerous teething problems. We know what works and what not. With us you can be sure that we know what we sell.

  • Let us make your home smart. The system can then be easily expanded for example with PV, EV charging, motion sensor or leak detector. .

    Our cloud platform is designed for 10 million homes. It already includes extensive smart home functionality, much more than you need for smart heating. With us, you do not need another security or smart home system. We use WiFi communication in your home because also for example smart thermostats will soon do the same.

We are proud to do our share for Finland and climate. Our goal is to bring 1 500 MW residential demand response capacity to electricity markets, corresponding to one large nuclear power plant. That means connecting 500 000 homes to our cloud service. Welcome to join us.

Tapio Saarenpää | CEO, There

We are There

There is an international forerunner in residential smart heating and demand response. The company was founded in 2009, until which we were Nokia Smart Home. We have delivered solutions to thousands of homes in five countries. Our newest product is the most inexpensive on the market. Our cloud platform is the only that can aggregate residential demand response to all Finnish TSO Fingrid reserve markets.

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Serving across the country


You can order a system directly from our online shop.
It is delivered to you by our local installation partner.
The outlet search of our online shop finds the outlet closest to you.

Want to be a partner?

Digitalization, changes in consumer behavior, climate change.
With our help you can address them all.

Our platform can already aggregate your residential heating loads,
so that you can offer them to all Fingrid reserve markets.
With our HW prices you can build a profitable service business.
Then expand it to Smart Home if you so decide.

And first and foremost – you are making the change, not merely following it.

Let us know, we are happy to present our business case proposal.

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