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Our most sought-after products are There Direct and There Waterborne. One of them suits almost all electrically detached, semi-detached, row and summer houses.

For direct electrical heating

There Direct

Product package for you with direct electrical heating (with wall-mounted radiators, non-storing underfloor or ceiling heating) and/or possible heat-storing or partially storing underfloor heating. Also for houses with a combination of these in different parts of the building. System also controls your possible domestic hot water tank. 

System secures desired inside temperatures and minimizes the cost of electricity used for heating. The savings are made by reducing the amount of heating energy by lowering temperatures in various living situations according to your expectations, and shifting heating to less expensive hours. This is done by taking into account building insulation (heat storage capacity), weather forecast, electricity spot price and allowing a temperature variation range defined by you. 

The product consists of three devices: central unit, control relay and one temperature sensor. Your home temperature is controlled based on the temperature measurement.

You can expand the package with needed amount of additional temperature sensors if your home has more than one floor or wing, or different heating methods in different areas. You can also connect possible air-to-air heat pumps to it.

For waterborne underfloor electrical heating

There Waterborne

Product package for you with waterborne underfloor electrical heating, with a water tank of at least 1 500 liters. System also controls your possible separate domestic hot water tank.

System secures desired inside temperature and minimizes the cost of electricity used for heating. The savings are made by shifting heating of the tank to less expensive hours. This is done by taking into account the daily heating energy needed by the building, depending on outside temperature, and selecting the cheapest hours to produce the energy.

The product consists of three devices: central unit, control relay and one temperature sensor. Your home temperature is controlled by room thermostats as before. The measured temperature is indicated to you in user interface.

You can expand the package by connecting possible air-to-air heat pumps to it.

Frequently asked

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How to use

No, you do not. It is simple to use the system with either a smart phone, tablet or pc. The installer gives you instructions when the equipment is installed to your home. You can also manage possible problem situations with system alarms. Or if not, by contacting our customer support.

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Yes. System monitors itself with extensive self-diagnostics and tells you in case it finds problems. You can select if you want to get alarms with sms, mail or both.

Our equipment does not include batteries, so replacing them is not needed. The power is supplied to them as follows:
A. Equipment in electrical center get their supply from there.
B. Temperature sensors need a small amount of power to transmit the measurement value with WiFi technology. We have manufactured sensors with batteries, but our customers have not been happy with changing batteries. Today our sensors are simply connected to a normal wall 220 V power outlet.

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No difference, any of them. Our user interface supports all most usual operating systems.

Category: How to use

It does not matter. Choose the one you want to use. Our user interface adapts automatically to different size displays.
For remote use, it may after all be worth to learn to use the system at least with a smart phone. Sometimes you may want to modify your living calendar while on the move. For example, to tell the system that you will arrive at home or your summer house earlier than planned.

Category: How to use

A. With direct electrical heating, all wall radiator or room thermostats are set one or two degrees higher than the temperature you want in the room. The temperature is then controlled with the temperature sensor(s) of the system. The above setpoint adjustment is done so that if there would be malfunction in some equipment, you would still have the desired temperature in your rooms, in fact a bit higher.

B. With underfloor waterborne heating, room or radiator thermostats are not tampered. They regulate the temperature as before. The system only regulates warm water tank heating. The temperature sensor connected to the system is only used for indicating the measured temperature in the user interface.

Installer makes all above thermostat settings when configuring the system.

First of all because you probably enjoy it. According to studies, most of us feel that we sleep better in somewhat cooler temperatures. Studies propose a sleeping temperature of about 15.5-19.5 degrees centigrade.
Secondly it saves your heating energy and thus your heating costs. Each lowered degree reduces heating energy and heating costs by 5 %, of course only for the hours the temperature is reduced.

Our website homepage contains almost all features of our user interface. Details such as colors and logos depend on the retailer from whom you bought the system. The displays on our website are shown in There colors, which you will get if you buy the system from our online shop.

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