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571,15  508,90  (sis. alv 24 %)

Product package for houses with direct electrical heating: Either wall wall-mounted radiators, ceiling heating, and/or non-storing, partially-storing or storing underfloor electrical heating. Also with a combination of these in different areas.

NOTE: Includes installation and service fee for the first month.

Product Quantity

Central unit

Central unit for all There customer solutions.

142,50  114,00  (sis. alv 24 %)

Power source

Power source for central unit.

45,00  36,00  (sis. alv 24 %)

Temperature measurement

Wireless WiFi inside room temperature measurement.

65,00  52,00  (sis. alv 24 %)

Control relay

Wireless WiFi control relay, 4 channels

58,75  47,00  (sis. alv 24 %)

Installation, There Direct or Waterborne

NOTE: Less than 30 km and during Mon-Fri office hours.

250,00  (sis. alv 24 %)

SW service, There Direct or Waterborne

NOTE: Service fee 9,90 €/month.
Charged beforehand monthly, fee for the first 1 month.

9,90  (sis. alv 24 %)
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Operating principle

System secures desired inside temperatures and minimizes the cost of electricity used for heating. The savings are made by reducing the amount of heating energy by lowering temperatures in various living situations according to customer expectations, and shifting heating to less expensive hours. This is done by taking into account building insulation (heat storage capacity), weather forecast, electricity spot and distridution prices and allowing a temperature variation range defined by the customer. System also controls possible domestic hot water tank.

Heating zones

At the time of installation, the house is divided in the system into one or more heating zones. One zone means a part of a house which is heated individually. The simplest case has only direct heating and one zone. Additional heating zones are configured if the house has
1. Different heating methods in different parts of the building.
2. More than one floor.
3. A separate space to be connected to the system, for example a garage.
4. For example a separate wing, for which a different temperature is desired.

Each zone is in practice heated with one of the following alternatives
1. Direct electrical heating: with wall-mounted radiators, non-storing underfloor or ceiling heating.
2. Heat-storing or partially storing underfloor heating.
3. Direct electrical heating with air-to-air heat pump.
4. Heat-storing or partially storing underfloor heating with air-to-air heat pump.


System can be installed to houses with
1. Direct electrical heating and/or heat-storing or partially storing underfloor heating.
2. Fixed internet connection or a permanent mobile connection (or with additional charge a separate mobile 3G/4G connected to the central unit).
3. Hourly-priced spot electricity contract (not mandatory if all cost savings not sought after).
4. Electricity installations meet (or made to meet with additional charge) the following requirements

  • Each heating zone is controlled in house electrical center with contactors (Otherwise contactors are added with additional charge.)
  • Center has a DIN installation rail with space for system equipment (Otherwise a rail is added with additional charge, to center if space allows, or otherwise to an adjacent separate enclosure.)

There makes sure that the house meets the above conditions. This is done with questions and possible photographs requested from the customer, and at the latest on the spot before installation.

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