What’s the fuzz about digitalization? (vain englanniksi)

Feels like wherever you go nowadays, people are talking about a digital revolution, digitalization. Haven’t we for long been digital? Of course, digitalization is scaling up massively, but I really can’t get the hold of the fuzz.

I myself fell down the drain a couple of weeks ago. I was presenting our updated strategy to our board with the headline “We are digitalizing the energy market”. Since the members of our board (whom I am truly grateful to have the chance to work with) probably have a total amount of 130 years of experience they pretty fast had me thinking it over.

And here is the clue from our perspective. The global energy market is changing due to increase in volatile production from renewable sources such as wind and solar power. At the same time available reserve capacity is decreasing due to low electricity prices and energy sales companies are struggling with high customer churns on a commodity market. There Corporation enables new business models that turn existing heating systems into virtual power plants and strengthens customer relationships. There’s Energy Management platform brings internet-of-things to existing heating and cooling systems, to create new value from hidden, existing energy resources.

The thing is, digitalization is not a goal, it is to enable new value. In our case, digitalization is a key driver for us to enable new value from the energy market.

The revolution is all about changing the way we think, how we operate how we enable new value. Digital, is a new language you need to speak to make it. What you enable with that language is still the key.

Many companies ask themselves, how can we become digital? When the real question is, what can we become when being digital?

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